Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seeds in an Apple vs Apples in a Seed

How Do You Measure Your Potential?

Before that, there are few ground rules:

  1. Acceptability of the result. Suck up and take it like a BIG boy. Accept that the fact that the truth sometime hurts (I-always-think-that-I-am-a-big-fish-in-a-big-pond attitude). Often times the truth tastes bitter (sesekali ajer it tastes that sweet).

  2. Potential is always innate. Exceptional leaders are born - they are not made (kecuali plastic leaders). It is in their genes. So, if you are not born with great leader potential, it is okay. There is only one Muhammad Ali in this world. NO matter how much money & time you spent & develop, you won't be able to replicate another Muhammad Ali true potential. PERIOD.

  3. For less-than-mortal people, you must learn to be a person who is able to influence other people efficiently (efficacy?) & effectively. These are the attributes that you must seek. Know your limitations and work around it. Know your strengths and capitalize in it.

These are the fundamentals in measuring the estimation of individual potential.

The framework is based eight main dimension as per the following diagram. More definitions and teh instruments are coming.

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