Sunday, April 1, 2007

Attention to Detail

ATD is one of the top three dimensions required for all HR professionals. You will need this competency in all roles of HR - consultative & expert advisor, catalyst of change, value-adding partner, balanced arbitrator. Any reliable & valid personality instrument will show your tendency towards ATD. But that is not conclusive as it only measure your overall preference as far as ATD. Take a specific aptitude test or assessment center which specifically measured the ATD dimension. Then, work around your strengths & weaknesses.

Why you must be meticulous? What does attention-to-detail mean? Will elaborate later but in essence:
  • small things make up to a big picture. So when the small things are well taken care of, the big thing will fall through in an orderly fashioned

  • But remember to apply this dimension with the 80-20 principle...

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