Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is this appropriate?

A Company, via its HR Manager, issued an official apology on their employment advertisement.

The Manager of the Human Resources and Administration Department wishes to personally express his remorse and sincere regret and unreservedly apologize...

Questions arise:
  1. Why is the HR Manager has to personally apologize on behalf of the Company? Should the Company, as a corporate entity, apologize?
  2. Should the Company extend such apology to all women in Malaysia well? The ad also segregates gender by preferring only male candidates
  3. Why can't the HR Manager learn to draft a proper job specification from the job description (after the job analysis exercise)?
  4. Can a Company make a pure assumption based on religion, race (or whatever superficial prejudices) in their hiring practices? e.g. all Muslims will not be interested to work in "pork-retail-facility"? Or, all Hindus will not be interested in serving beefy Big Mac? Or, all Manchus are against eating dog meat? Or, all Jains are vegetarians?
  5. And the big Q - How about the statement "Bumiputra are encouraged to apply"?

Where is the line?

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