Monday, June 11, 2007


Sometime a small HR initiative can snowballing into a different kind of animal. I do not know why?

At least in my organization. The magnitude has mounting tremendously yesterday. This week is a prize-giving week to the lucky ones. Thus, everybody is talking about it - the weight-loss-diet-program introduced by GM.

"I lost 5 kg within a week. I feel good about myself..." said Mrs. Datin, who, in my humble opinion, remains exactly the same in size 20 as of last month.

"It is good for cleansing toxic from your body!" proclaimed Mr. Topper from the Operations Department. The problem is, Mr. Topper smokes like a dragon. Not as angry dragon, though. No pun intended ya. He is my kind of guy i.e. accidentally-left-your-lighter-somewhere-else kind of guy. He is my man... (different story nanti)

Only one way to determine the truth. I will enter the contest myself for the September drawing.

And, if it works, I will have a six pact & a good chance of winning that SPA trip. If not, business as usual...

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