Sunday, March 8, 2009

'Rethinking the War for Talent'

by Deepak Somaya

Four scenario presented:
  1. EE with generic knowledge or low startegic importance leaves to join competitors - defensive maneuvers such as improving the benefits to retain them. Reason: hamper over all productivity
  2. EE with low strategic importance knowledge departs to join cooperators - relational action such as formation of alumni program. Reason: administrative & human-capital costs vs. social-capital benefits. New biz opportunity may be generated
  3. EE with high strategic importance knowledge leaves to take jobs with competitors - retaliatory action such as non-solicitation clause + defensive maneuvers (for the crucial contributors). Reason: The most damaging of turnover
  4. EE with high strategic importance knowledge leaves to join cooperators - hybrid appes such as maintaining positive relationship with the departing ee, strong incentive to reduce turnover, expand the social capital & networking.

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