Sunday, February 3, 2008

Managing Young Professionals

As in most MNCs, the easiest way of ensuring constant supply of talents is via young professional program (YPP) or management trainee program (MTP).

These young turks who has MBA with CGPA of 3.8 and above (magna cumlaude) will undergo rigorous assessments and evaluation processes. In my organization, it shall involve a two-day residential arrangement with the final technical and selection interview at the end. I will share our assessment center arrangement under a different posting in the future.

They essentially good and brainy people. However, there are occasions when I hate myself for managing these YPs. Why?

  1. They are the best among the best - the cream of the cream. So, rather than showing and demonstrating the desired behaviors of those elites, they use the privilege to whine on every aspects of the organization. They think the world evolves around them.

  2. They have the "I-know-it-all" attitude. Most of them are smart - no doubt about it. But you can't Google for 30 minutes and suddenly become an subject matter expert on 360 performance evaluation or sukuk requirements in GCC. Please, give me a break!

  3. They think that organization is responsible 100 percent on their development. HR must develop me. And me, and me. And most of the development program equal to going on a mission overseas (in the meridian longitudes)
    At times, I would give them dosages of bitter tonic on productivity and developing own career path.

In a short term basis, a 60km/hr Ferrari is less valuable than a 120km/hr Camry.

Remember that!

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