Saturday, July 15, 2006

How to Skin MY Cat

Read a research journal on common traits of successful leaders (political, cultural, social, spiritual and economic). Then, crossed-reference the findings with successful entrepreneurs and innovators. From the study, it been concluded that all successful people shared two qualities:

  1. They sleep less hours than ordinary Joe
  2. They read, read and read. Considered it as an obscene act of reading.
Well, it is a good motto for a social agenda. Kind of more-with-less thingy (-more reading, less napping- will look good in a placard), except these indicators did not accurately forecast our future talent.

What are the observable attributes that differentiate Gates, Rowling, Powell, Fuller, and Buffet? Tutu, Lama, and Ibn Sina? Roosevelt, Mahathir Mohamed, and Mandela? How do you identify these rare talents as early as possible? Hopefully, they will do same research on them soon.

As an HR practitioner, finding a less-than-mortal talent is a mountain to move by itself. You can’t find them by sifting through those glossy resumes. Talent is not hereditary, unfortunately. Upon extensive assessments, interviews, profiling, reference checking etc, there are three observable behaviors that matter:



There you go - the secret of successful people. I will give you the description of these observable behaviors later.



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