Monday, May 29, 2006

Tender your resignation (with dignity)

Anyone can quit a job. Easy. But you must plan it appropriately so that people will see credibility in you. At least, they will not have any opportunity to pass the blames to you later.
I assume that plan B, plan C etc are readily available. Otherwise, please don't be a stupid donkey.

  1. Plan & prepare your resignation letter with the effective date accordingly. Check your calendar thoroughly. Make full use of public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Send the letter on Friday after 5:00 pm.

  2. Never disclose your next station. Ever! Even if you have a special relationship with your current immediate supervisor or your smoking buddy. Mention something like "you are currently negotiating with few Companies and still finalizing the details".

  3. Avoid airing any dirty laundry to anybody except your immediate supervisor and your immediate's immediate supervisor. Move on and get a life. Or, at least a hobby such as blogging. Ha ha ha

  4. Go on and have farewell lunches with your colleagues. But please, do not go missing or abandon your current assignments. One or two days of medical leaves within the transition period are acceptable, though. Please do not go slow and abandon your assignments into the handover sheet. Maintain your pofessionalism. People will know... & appreciate you better.

  5. Prepare a complete handover sheet - detailing all your outstandings. Stay focus. Continue working diligently even to your last day.

  6. Thanks everyone. Even if they do not deserve it at all. Maintain good relationship with few allies

Once your resignation is tendered, always expect the unexpected. For better or for worse.

Good luck!

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